The Lions – Releasing Possibility

About Me

I’m a Singer, Songwriter, Author, Presenter and Director of Imagine Ministries – home of ‘ALIVE’ Family Worship. Originally from the North-West, I now live in Worcester with my husband, Tim, and our four children. I am passionate about telling children and families about Jesus and encouraging them to worship God and grow in faith together.

I began ministry in 2002 in a school’s band in Liverpool, telling young people about Jesus through music. I was a member of Christian girl band, “TBC”, have released four solo albums and several books and I speak at churches and events throughout the UK.

About My Project

Imagine Ministries is a charity that exists to tell children and families about Jesus and his amazing love for them through events and resources.

More than half of Christians in the UK give their lives to Jesus before the age of 11, yet lots of churches find it hard to engage children and families in worship, and lots of parents don’t know where to start when it comes to discipling their kids. That’s where Imagine Ministries can help…

Our Vision

1) We want to host and facilitate ‘ALIVE Family Worship Events’ in arenas, theatres and public entertainment spaces all over the UK and beyond. We want to see children and families encountering Jesus, worshipping God together and having fun!

2) We want to create and develop media programmes and other resources that support children and families on their faith adventure and help to build discipleship in the home, as well as at church.

Since 2018 we have been putting our vision into action including putting on events at Worcester arena where children and families have decided to follow Jesus, developing the ALIVE Family Worship online resource hub, leading the Families Programme at Creation Fest, inspiring, equipping and training those working with children and families in local church settings, working alongside other organisations as we tell children and families about Jesus together and more…

We operate under 8 simple values: We are family, we have fun, we seek God, we do evangelism, we build partnerships, we think fresh, we strive for excellence and we live with integrity. We believe that God can use events and resources to create moments of encounter with Him that lead to a transformed generation!