The Lions – Releasing Possibility

Rebecca Peacock

Project: Silver Screen Community Film Studios
Location: Altrincham, Cheshire

About Me

Rebecca Peacock is a film producer, actor and musician with over 25 years performing in and producing theatre and a decade making films. She loves colour and is an encourager and wants to see all kinds of people flourish. Husband Mike is a writer, director and actor. As content writers and producers they have been award-nominated for previous short films, filmed over 70 1-man short films as part of their education series ‘Tales From the Miracle Book’, and Mike’s audio book ‘Angel’s Delight’ was nominated for ‘The Sandford St Martin Awards’: the UK’s top broadcast awards alongside BBC and ITV.

About My Project

At Silver Screen Community Film Studios our vision is to make films full of life, hope, fun and Community Spirit BUT in a very unique and unusual way…

Since September 2022 we have been giving free training to a diverse group of residents from Wythenshawe, Manchester including ex-offenders, a refugee, someone who is gender fluid, someone from the travelling community and retired ladies. These people have had little investment in them and we have been training them in film-making and film-acting and giving them the opportunity to be cast and crew of our first ever feature film ‘Silver Screen Dreams’! And their lives are changing in incredible ways!

Our vision is two-fold…
Firstly, and most importantly, we aim to build people up in self-esteem and create strong community where everyone is accepted and valued exactly for who they are…
And secondly we aim to bring hopeful narratives, fun and comedy and kingdom values through the stories of our films, making quality films to be enjoyed far and wide.

To date we have shot 95% of the film in 16 locations in England and Wales and we are now begining the editing process, offering businesses that invest in the film an opportunity to have a fun community advert made for their organisation- which may even appear in the feature film itself.
We are also beginning to look at ways of distribution and marketing.