The Lions – Releasing Possibility

Oenca Fontaine

Project: The Gifted for Action™ Experience
Location: Birmingham, West Midlands

About Me

I believe in my heart that there is more to the Christian experience than ‘just fellowship & worship’. I have a passion to see individuals from across the Christian landscape actively discovering their God-given purpose, and using their Spiritual Gifts to make a positive social impact in business, the workplace, local communities, and in our world. I want support as many believers as possible to contribute to the advancement of the Kingdom of God, wherever the Spirit of the Lord leads them, in their unique way.

About My Project

The Gifted for Action™ Experience is an interactive, experiential and practical personal, professional and spiritual development programme, for faith-filled, Christian believers who want to discover purpose, enhance their leadership potential, and desire to leave a positive and long-lasting legacy in the world, in their unique way. The Gifted for Action™ Experience is a modular programme that has two distinct pathways.

1. The D.I.S.C.O.V.E.R Your Gifted for Action pathway, primarily for faith-filled individuals who want to discover their God-given purpose, be supported to find their unique way to make a difference in the world, develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Jesus, and do this in an emotionally healthy and God-honouring way; and

2. The Elite Leadership Paradigm, a Christian, faith-based leadership development programme developed specifically for faith-filled entrepreneurs, business owners, and organisational leaders. Centred around the UK’s first 360° Feedback Questionnaire for Christian leaders, the programme helps to shortcut the leadership development journey, providing leaders with a solid, step by step leadership development system to help them clarify their position as a leader; develop a clear vision of Godly and ethical leadership; and create a focused plan of action to support them to reach their leadership potential.