The Lions – Releasing Possibility

Nicholas Shahlavi

Project: New WINGS Ministries
Location: Manchester

About Me

Nick Shahlavi is an evangelist who reaches the hardest to reach in prisons, pupil referral units, gangs and disadvantaged communities through Rap music, performances, discipleship courses, speaking events, one to one counseling, and bible studies: all driven from the heart of love and evangelism. Being a former drug dealer and drug addict gives Nick the edge to use his testimony to reach others, where many cannot, with the same Gospel of Jesus Christ that saved his life, seeing the most broken become the most influential for the Kingdom of God.

About My Project

New WINGS Ministries employs the following proven approaches:

1. Use the message of the cross of Jesus Christ fused with music that instrumentally sounds like what the ‘street’ listens to, but with testimony driven stories of redemption to reach a generation lost to darkness and the selfish pulls of the modern day. Nick’s week consists of prison discipleship courses in prisons in northwest England off the back of performance (such as a recent event when 63 came to Christ), raising up leaders in the Word of God, training and developing them in their God given gifts, and pushing them closer to the Holy Spirt to then multiply what God has done in their lives.

 2. Work closely with Councils’ most difficult young men on a one-to-one basis or in group-based sessions in pupil referral units, running 6 –
8 week lyric writing music production courses with the heart of evangelism and discipleship fuelling sessions, bringing hope and change through the Word of God and transformation by the Holy Spirit.

3. Helping people, churches and charities in disadvantaged communities to engage with some of their hardest to reach families, friends, contacts and associates, through music and speaking events, festivals and courses.