The Lions – Releasing Possibility

Marie-Louise Annan

Project: The Mishkan Group
Location: Croydon, Greater London

About Me

I am gregarious, passionate about Jesus, People, Organic Farming, Sustainable Clothing / Fashion, and Redemptive Entrepreneurship. A born Leader, I am an advocate of Servant Leadership and driving Impact Investing in Ghana and other countries on the African Continent.

I am confident the Christian Faith plays a significant role in the eradication of Poverty and working towards how best Christian groups, NGO’s, International Development organisations, corporate and local businesses as well as Governments can work together to achieve the eradication of poverty.

3 theses I have written on this are: ‘ The Problems of Developing Countries Dependent on Primary Commodities – A Case Study of Ghana©; ‘The Great Commission: Equipping the Global Church in the fight against Poverty in Africa©’ and; ‘Missions and Development Work as One©’.

About My Project

The Mishkan Group is a tech-enabled, for-progress organisation that operates as a high social-impact business employing a regenerative, vertical integrative and circular Agribusiness model.

We seek to provide high-grade quality products with integrity in our supply chain, by organically farming and processing non-GMO Cotton into lint, yarn, fabrics/textiles and Cotton seed oil, to sell globally to businesses in the Sustainable Luxury Sector. To minimise waste, our by-products will also be processed and sold.

Our aim is to address:
a) the damage that conventional Cotton practices causes to the Textiles ecosystem resulting in poor quality fabrics and clothing,

b) the lack of available training and employment forcing many to beg on the streets including those with disabilities.

Profits will be redirected towards community development and offering training and employment with fair wages to individuals, especially those with physical disabilities, in a bid to reduce street-begging in Ghana.

Our core tenets are founded on Sustainability (in Production and Operational lines), Impact (to enable effective outreach) and Faith (as Missions), with a People-centric culture.

We are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to have: 1) No Poverty, 5) Gender Equality, 8) Decent Work and Economic Growth, 10) Reduced Inequalities, and 12) Responsible Production and Consumption.