The Lions – Releasing Possibility

George Herrera

Project: Discover God
Location: Manchester, UK

About Me

My name is George and I am the founder of Discover God. I have a passion for Video Games and Jesus Christ. I am originally from California and moved to England in 2017 to attend Nazarene Theological College in Didsbury, Manchester. I have a BA in Theology Youth & Community as well as a MA in Practical Theology. I have over 10 years of experience working with young people and have been a lifelong gamer.

About My Project

Video Games are the world’s most popular form of media with over 3.2 billion gamers worldwide. Because of this, Christians need to have a good understanding of them and have a presence in the industry. Discover God is an organisation dedicated to the teaching and equipping of Christian leaders in the area of video game ministry.

DG does this through delivering theological teaching on the Christian perspective of video games; how to use video games effectively in churches and schools, as well as equipping parents with guidelines on how to use video games. These insights have been used by global denominations as leadership training, local schools to equip teachers and Christian video game enthusiasts to see Christ revealed in video games.

DG delivers Esports tournaments with attendees ranging from 50-4,000 where the Gospel is preached and faith shared through engaging effectively with video game and youth culture.
Additionally, DG offers game design insights through producing projects for Christian organisations and manages teams, budgets, and expectations with the creation and delivery of video games on different levels. Current projects include games for mobile & Oculus 2.