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About Me

I run a Social Enterprise Business that provides Homes that Help People. I’m from the Midlands and live in North Warwickshire with my wife, our 3 children and mini-Dachshund. I am passionate about overcoming injustice through ensuring that people have access to the opportunity to change their future, no matter what has happened in their past.

I became a Christian after meeting my wife (then girlfriend) at 14 and going to Church to spend time with her. I am driven by Jesus’ calling to help those most in need in our Society and have dedicated my life to this over the last 7 years.

About My Project

Cornerstone Partnership is a Social Enterprise Business with the aim of providing homes for those that need them most. We want to be part of breaking the cycle of poverty, by providing high quality, suitable homes at a sustainable cost.

Over 140,000 Children are presently Homeless in the UK and experience significant social, health and educational disadvantages as a result of a lack of stable housing.

Over 80,000 Children are currently in full time residential care, many of these in unsuitable environments.

Over 2,000 autistic people and people with learning disabilities are in inpatient mental health hospitals in England.

Our Vision

To help transform lives by providing access to high quality, sustainable and affordable homes, in partnership with local authorities, charities and social care organisations.

From our foundation in 2016, we have grown to provide over 200 homes to Local Authorities, Charities and Social Care providers across the West Midlands and beyond.

Our 5 values – Positive Footprint, Partnership, Drive, Innovation and Focus – have helped us to grow and use our worldly gifts to make a difference. Our strength is the singular focus on housing as part of the solution and our willingness to adapt to the needs of the client.

If your project needs property or housing as part of its service – I would be happy to help where I can!