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Emmalee O'Brien

Project: Embassy
Location: Offerton, Stockport

About Me

Hi, I’m Em! I moved to England from Australia 4 years ago and haven’t looked back! I now work with a charity called Embassy providing housing and support to homeless people and feel blessed that God has led me here.

About My Project

Embassy women provide supported accommodation for homeless women and women fleeing domestic violence. We aim to create an environment where women feel safe, supported and equipped with the life skills and confidence they need to flourish; providing not just a house, but a home.

We work with corporate sponsors to get our residents into full time jobs and eventually support them into their own house with resettlement care, ensuring that they transition back into independent living successfully and sustainably.

When women are referred to us, we end their homelessness on day one, cutting out the need for shelters and short term solutions. Embassy Women provide the holistic support necessary to end the cycle of homelessness these women find themselves in, once and for all.