The Lions – potential redefined

Dates for the 2022 Experience are :

Weekend 1: 29-30th January 2022
Weekend 2:  2nd-3rd April 2022                                              Weekend 3: 21st-22nd May 2022  

Weekend 4:  2nd-3rd July 2022
Weekend 5:  24th-25th September 2022
Weekend 6:  29th-30th October 2022 

We are so excited to announce the dates, for our Lions program, starting January 2022.

Applications are open but please be advised, you will need to be available for ALL 6 weekends – please see dates above.

Deadline is Tuesday 30th November 2021. Once our 15 places are filled, applications will close – so do not delay to secure your place!

Application Form

When preparing to post your video to accompany your Lions application, always remember that it should be no longer that 2 minutes. Also it would be help to think 'Elevator Pitch' - a short description of your idea. Those considering your application will be asking, 'Does this idea have, Passion, Innovation, Viability, is it Franchisable and Kingdom Orientated.
Here you can upload a photo of yourself or a 1-2 minute video. The maximum file size is 128mb. If your file is larger than 128mb then please use a YouTube link in field above instead.
Please be sure to use your first and last name before uploading your file, eg: john-doe.jpg or jane-smith.mp4