The Lions

Dates for the 2020/ 2021 Experience are :

Weekend 1:  26-27 September 2020
Weekend 2:  21-22 November 2020
Weekend 3:  23-24 January 2021

Weekend 4:  13-14 March 2021
Weekend 5:  15-16  May 2021
Weekend 6:   26-27 June 2021

To apply for our 2020/2021 experience please fill in the application form below. You also need to send us a video of you pitching your idea/project/business. This must not be more than two minutes in length. You are required and expected to attend all 6 weekends, please ensure that you are available for all the Lions Experience weekend dates. Deadline for applications – 31st July 2020.

Application Form

When preparing to post your video to accompany your Lions application, always remember that it should be no longer that 2 minutes. Also it would be help to think 'Elevator Pitch' - a short description of your idea. Those considering your application will be asking, 'Does this idea have, Passion, Innovation, Viability, is it Franchisable and Kingdom Orientated.
Here you can upload a photo of yourself or a 1-2 minute video. The maximum file size is 128mb. If your file is larger than 128mb then please use a YouTube link in field above instead.
Please be sure to use your first and last name before uploading your file, eg: john-doe.jpg or jane-smith.mp4