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VIII: 8 Characteristics of Highly Effective Christians

The theme of this practical book is the eight attitudes taught by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. These lay the foundations for a profoundly Christian world view, one in which parents and children listen and understand; managers motivate their staff; students work to good effect; and marriages are a source of joy not discord. The author draws on his years as a pastor to explore these attitudes. The examples and insights – for example, the true joy to be found in the midst of sorrow – make this a source of spiritual inspiration.

– by Chris Spicer

No Perfect Fathers Here

Although it might only take a moment to become a father, it takes a lifetime of commitment to be a father. Our children are perfect gifts that make us want to never mess up at our one chance to be a father. So when our poor choices produce a negative result in our kids, a lot of dads begin to battle frustration, fatigue, fear and failure. Mistakes will be made, writes Chris Spicer. Yet, we can acquire knowledge and skills in the finer art of fatherhood and learn to handle our mistakes in a redemptive, rather than adversarial way-which is the point of this book. Written for real dads-imperfect dads with real struggles, failures, and successes.

No Perfect Fathers Here is a roadmap on how to capably handle the role of a father in a positive manner. Chris celebrates fatherhood with ten characteristics of highly effective fathering and personal insight into improving ourselves as dads that come from his forty years as a father of four. Perfect fathers don’t exist, but you can break out of the cycle of unsuccessful, even disastrous, parenting and have a favorable effect on your kids that will last them a lifetime!

– by Chris Spicer