The Lions – Releasing Possibility

Andrew Nunn

Project: Second Crack Coffee
Location: Carshalton, Surrey, UK

About Me

I am a creative, project starter, visionary, problem solver, and passionate fighter for the rights of sufferers of depression and anxiety. I am the founder and CEO of the Hope in Depression charity. I am an author of our course book and a public speaker with lived experience of depression and anxiety. I am grateful for Gods saving grace. He changed my life from black and white living to a technicoloured life.

About My Project

Second Crack Coffee is a social enterprise. We see the potential in people and believe everyone deserves a second chance at life. By bridging the gap into society for those exiting the justice system, we bring hope to the hopeless through coffee training.  

What makes us different?
Our experience in the justice system, our support and our network. We are not about quantity but quality.
“Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world” Roald Dahl. That’s our job – to dig out the gold in people and equip them with the right skills on a firm foundation of the right support.
We have a holistic approach to make sure people who have often been let down by many in the past aren’t again! We do this by partnering with a number of organisations from housing trusts to charities to businesses. We know our trainees need the right support to thrive.
Why speciality coffee?
The speciality coffee industry is booming and has a shortage of highly skilled staff and is more concerned with your passion than your background!
Why choose our coffee?
We believe in sourcing the best coffee that we can get our hands on. That means teaming up with top speciality coffee growers. This is well above Fair Trade prices! Great coffee requires great attention from its roaster, which is why we have customised a hand-built vintage roaster to be in tune to our needs yet at the same time using technology to our advantage.
What would we like to do in the future?
Build stronger links with the farms that source us and help them diversify. Plus have our own accommodation to house those at risk of offending so they don’t end up in prison in the first place