The Lions – Releasing Possibility

Amy Hailwood

Project: Ordinary Glory
Location: Wigan, Greater Manchester

About Me

Amy Hailwood is a director, theatre-maker and Applied Theatre facilitator based in Manchester. She creates dynamic, moving and richly textured, contemporary theatre for social change. A quality of hybridity is fundamental to her perspective and practice, which crosses conventional boundaries of professional and community theatre to enrich both. Throughout the varied subject, form and scale of her work is a desire to relate to audiences and/or participants as citizens not consumers, and an invitation to enter into risky conversations within a safe, playful space. Amy works as a freelancer, collaborating with venues and companies such as the Royal Exchange, Octagon, Streetwise Opera and Collective Encounters, and as Artistic Director of theatre-for-social-change company Ordinary Glory.

About My Project

Ordinary Glory a Greater Manchester based theatre company that makes theatre for social change. Our big dream is a world in which every individual and community flourishes and fulfils their full potential.

Telling stories in an experiential way unlocks hearts and minds to the possibility of transformation. This potential is powerful. We channel this potential into practical, social change action by directly connecting high quality, contemporary theatre shows with public education, advocacy and participation projects.

We can’t do this alone and we don’t want to. We collaborate with individuals and organisations to ensure our work has a long-lasting, sustainable impact. We also intentionally create space before, during and after our shows for conversation, relationship and community to flourish. Our work might be made with professional artists, or non-professionals, or a mixture, it depends on the project. Likewise, it might be found in a traditional theatre venue or a non-traditional performance space like a bingo hall, a pub or a swimming pool. The values we are guided by mean that how we do what we do is as important as what we do, and in the pursuit of artistic excellence, people always matter.