The Lions – Releasing Possibility

Alison Simpson

Project: creatED spaces to learn
Location: Shefford, Beds

About Me

I am 63 years old, married to Nick; we had 5 children and now have 8 grandchildren as well. I have been an educationalist for 26 years, the last of those 15 years as a headteacher of a primary school which I left in Summer 2023. I love the outdoor life, have done 3 peaks twice and abseiled Table Mountain. I have now given up running long distance but enjoy being a member of a local walking group. My favourite place is Kew Gardens; I am a member and love to escape there to wander and dream or take friends and family to enjoy this amazing outdoor space.

About My Project

My project is called ‘creatED spaces to learn’ and is particularly for the increasing number of children in primary education who are school refusing, being home schooled and generally struggling in the classroom.

 It is initially an online website/blog and each month I focus on a specific outdoor environment with ideas for them to learn across all areas of the curriculum through exploration and hands-on activities. Each month I will change the focus eg ‘Down by the River’, ‘In the Forest’. 

They will be encouraged to respond through the website with pictures and info on what they have done and questions they may have. As the project develops, I plan to arrange monthly meet ups in specific venues where I can model my skills and expertise as an educationalist for parents to use with their children and they will benefit from the social connections learning and exploring with other children.