The Lions – Potential Redefined

Every generation needs its pioneers
We are passionate about change
Without innovative
the world would
be a poorer place
The Lions Experience
endeavours to equip
the next generation
of entrepreneurs




Proverbs 30:30

The Lion’s process for Christian pioneers and entrepreneurs, provides a place to dream and a time to prepare, connecting you to passionate Kingdom-minded people and helping you lay firm foundations for the challenges ahead.

For those who dare to apply, joining the Lions could be your opportunity to turn a good idea into a powerful reality. And change the world as we know it…


Maybe you’re someone who dreams of one day pioneering a church, starting a business or launching a new social enterprise, but have as yet not found the people or the environment in which to realise those dreams – if so, maybe The Lions is the kind of opportunity you have been looking for.

The Lions Experience brings together a number of significant people working at the top of their field, individuals who understand the need to share experience with people worth investing in.

Drawn from every sphere of influence including church, commerce and community, Lions are Christian men and women impacting society who are ready to pass on their expertise to others.

For a strictly limited number of kingdom-focused people who are committed to serving their local church, The Lions will provide:

  • A Place to Dream
  • An Environment to Prepare
  • People to Partner With


We are searching for 16 dedicated delegates to join us for six weekends away at The Belfry Hotel. Besides being an opportunity to connect with like-minded people over coffee and around a meal table, each delegate will experience an interactive learning environment that is more living room than classroom in style.

The Belfry Hotel, Warwickshire

By means of Case Studies, Workshops; Interviews, Discussions, Q & A, Site Visits, Team Building and Reading Assignments, The Lions and their special guests will create an interactive learning environment that will become a fundamental characteristic of the whole Lions experience. 

All of which will make each weekend an invaluable part of this unique personal development programme.

Some of the weekend topics will include:

  • Anatomy of a Pioneer
  • Good Idea or God Idea
  • Faith & Works
  • Shaping & Sharing an Idea
  • Creating Culture
  • Developing a Workable Business Model


  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Building the Kingdom or an Empire
  • People Matters
  • Dealing with Failure
  • What Success Looks Like

All weekends will train and mentor you to the big finale ‘The Lions Lair’. This is your opportunity to present your finely tuned idea, project or business to The Lions in a 8 minute presentation and convince us to give you seed funding and another year of mentoring.

In order to prepare for The Lions Lair we will help you create a business plan, teach you how to structure your presentation and give you have a clear understanding of how your idea can positively grow God’s Kingdom.


Applications for January 2024 open end of April 2023.

Stay tuned for updates!


Andy Edmiston

IM Group & Imagine The Day

Gary Spicer

Grace Foundation / Imagine the Day

Tim Jupp

Big Church festival

Andy Hawthorne

The Message Trust

Stuart Bell

Alive Church / Groundlevel Network

Chris Spicer

The Lions Coordinator

Gavin Kibble

Coventry Foodbank /
Mosaic Church

Gemma Francis

the big sing


Shell Perris

Alumni Coordinator

Karina Gedarevych

Executive Assistant

Liza Kulish

Administration Assistant


The Lions Alumni Association (LAA) is an interactive and supportive network of former Lions delegates who have a passion to further the purposes of God in the Church, Commerce and Charitable enterprise.

It’s an extended Lions family; a place to belong; a community of entrepreneurs who want to journey ‘Beyond the Boardroom’, taking the Lions experience to the next level.

At the heart of the LAA is a members only online hub where past and present delegates can create their own profile page and connect with other LAA members. Access inspiring posts that include success stories, blogs, articles and resource links and receive up-to-date news from The Lions.

The Lions Alumni Association enables delegates to be encouraged and stay connected.

What our delegates are saying ...